2EZY Skips "Our bins make your job 2ezy"

We are a family owned and operated business.

We recently sold off the Garden Rubbish Bale side of the
business which we had been operating for over 25 years.
This will now help us concentrate solely on the skip bin
side of the business.

Where possible, the waste that we collect is recycled so
that we minimise our carbon footprint. This is why we have
different waste types so that it can be sorted better.

We offer a friendly, reliable service at the best possible
prices we can offer to you the customer. We hope you
enjoy your experience with us if you choose to hire a bin.

You can see a light hearted look at the 2Ezy team on the

Name: Karen
Role: Admin
Always seems to be glued
to the phone.
Name: Tony
Role: Driver
Can be easily confused to
look like Santa.
Name: Mark
Role: Driver/Admin
Likes to try and do 15 things
at once.
Name: Arthur
Role: Admin
Commonly referred to as
the book keeper.
Name: Jade
Role: Helper
Likes to think she is a princess
but we know better.
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